Balloon Bouquet - Smaller Bouquet

Balloon Bouquet - Smaller Bouquet

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Our balloons are constantly changing. We always aim for printed balloons in a large variation of colors.  This bouquet will contain 1 mylar balloon to suit the occasion and  6  latex 12" balloons  with  print. 

-Please specify if for a boy or girl. That way we'll  know  what  color palette we can put together for you.

-If there is a child recipient, please let us know their age and we'll  know if we can use characters.

All  paper  weights are included in the cost.  Disclosure: Helium latex balloons will  float  for  approximately 6-8 hours. Depending on  weather, it can be less or  more time.  We use 100% helium to give you the best out come possible for your purchase. More balloons can be added for a additional cost please specify.